Website Design


Our goals are to simplify your website design process, keep your site secure and give you a fighting chance in search engine results by building a professional, safe and modern website that cultivates customers and increases your business. We have a deep commitment to personal service and timely solutions, something that you don't find with website building companies with cookie-cutter templates and hard-to-reach customer support. We don't just build websites, we build relationships. Already have a website but need an upgrade? We do that too.

Spark, Direct, Engage, Motivate.

A well-constructed website should spark the interest of your visitors, quickly direct them to the information they seek and motivate them to contact you or purchase your goods. We accomplish this by building your site like we are constructing a home, starting with a well thought-out structure and a clearly defined sitemap. Easy navigation is one of the keys to keeping visitors engaged and elevating the chances that they will return to your website. First impressions are important. We design an attractive, informative homepage with "curb appeal", putting the most important information front and center. Your company colors and logo will be incorporated into the design of the site. When visitors land on your homepage they will be greeted with a visual experience that projects professionalism and organization and instills confidence in your company. An up-to-date, responsive site shows your potential customers that your company is a legitimate, professional business. A recent survey found that 81% of internet users think less of a brand if their website is not up-to-date. We won't let this happen to you.

Are you responsive?

“For the first time in history, US consumers are using smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet," reports New Jersey Institute of Technology. 

If your website is not responsive, you are certainly losing potential customers. Responsive websites detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly across a wide range of devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computer monitors). This provides easy navigation for visitors and helps to keep them on your site. Every site we build is responsive and tested on a variety of devices so that we assure your customers are getting the most accurate visual experience possible.

Location, location, location...

Customers can't visit you if they can't find you. Every website designed by Kim Harding Design is added to the Google search engine. We do this by submitting a sitemap of your website to Google. A sitemap is a file that contains a list of all your site’s pages and provides Google with information about those pages. This makes it easier for Google to find all of the pages of your site and can improve the speed of Google crawling and indexing. In addition to the sitemap, we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

Getting motivated.

Now that we've got their attention, how do we get visitors motivated to take the next step? Keeping people engaged starts with effective design. Important website content should be up-to-date, organized and easy to find. A well placed Call To Action, such as a 'Sign Up' or 'Buy Now' button, directs users to take action. This will help increase user experience while achieving your business goals of gathering contact information, increasing sales and/or email subscriptions. Engaging content can include videos, a blog that is kept up-to-date with information pertaining to your products or your industry, case studies and reviews or testimonials.

Security matters.

Kim Harding Design builds all websites on a dedicated, private, secure server. Our maintenance practices include monthly backups and keeping the website platforms and software up-to-date. We also keep a backup of your website files on a separate hard drive for safe keeping. All standard security practices are followed. As we all know, nothing is 100% secure, but we do everything we can to prevent your site from being compromised. If you already have a hosting account with a different provider, we will perform the same security routine on your server. An SSL certificate (https:) can be added to your site for extra security and this also will help with Google search placement. This is a minimal add-on fee outside the cost of your website. If you plan to accept personal or credit card information from your customers an SSL certificate is essential.

Spreading the word.

By connecting your website Sign Up button to email marketing sites such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc., you will build an organic email marketing base. Regular email campaigns raise awareness of your business and create opportunities to direct traffic to your website. Continuous traffic to your website also boosts your standings in Google search results. Announcing special events, promoting sales and sharing important information with your email base can stimulate sales and build client confidence. 

Contact us to learn how Kim Harding Design can set up your email marketing program and manage your email campaigns. Social media is your megaphone. By installing social media share buttons, we make it easy for your visitors to share your information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Don't have a social media presence? We can help you with that too.

Getting Your New Website Online.

We aim to keep things simple for our clients by making the process of getting your site online easy and efficient. Here are our 10 steps to getting your new website online. 

  1. Contact us to set up your website. We will discuss your needs and establish a plan.
  2. You will receive a quote from Kim Harding Design. After details are refined and an agreement is made, we will send you a contract to sign along with an invoice. You will be directed how to pay for your new website. 
  3. A client account is set up to allow you access to our Client Portal where you can upload content and make payments.
  4. Once payment and the signed contract is received by Kim Harding Design, the process of building your website begins.
  5. Set up a new URL (website address) if needed. Set up email addresses if needed.
  6. We discuss content and design via phone or in person, if you are a local client.
  7. Information about your company, logos, photography, graphics, links to videos or social media accounts will be provided by you to WebPaxPlus. You can upload content via our website, send by email, place in a Dropbox or send by regular mail. All photos and graphics must be digital unless otherwise agreed upon. Information about your company may be provided from an existing website, a printed brochure, a pdf or word document that you provide. This may not apply if you contracted us to write content, provide photography, or design a logo for your website.
  8. The initial stage of the website design begins. After the overall structure and design is established, you will be sent a link to review the beta site. Once approval is given at this stage, we will proceed with adding the remainder of the content and functionality. If a payment plan is established, the second payment needs to be made before we proceed.
  9. Second review of the website. Proofing content and testing forms and links is performed by client. All fine-tuning, additional content or added functionality is completed. Additional fees may apply if any new work* is requested.
  10. Final payment is made prior to site launch. Site is launched, added to search engines if included in your contract. If you have an existing website, we will need access to your hosting account in order to set up your new website.

* New work includes any work that is not included in the initial contract.