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Montgomery, Texas

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Website Design & Development

Quality Safety Edge is a pioneer in behavior-based safety with more than 25 years of proven results. QSE has experience implementing customized behavior-based safety processes on a global scale. By customizing each process and creating training materials unique to each business, QSE has adapted BBS to companies in over 30 nations.

We were brought on board to design a new website for the company in 2014 and then a redesign in 2018 in the attempt to keep up with the ever-changing trends in design and technology. 

Because Quality Safety Edge has a mining team in Latin America, we were also tasked to build a mirrored, but scaled-down website in Spanish. Working with translators and the team at QSE, we launched our first Spanish language website. 

During this time, QSE brought us on board to redesign their conference website and take over the marketing for the Behavioral Safety Now Conference.

QSE Latin American Website Design
QSE LATAM Website Design

Print & Digital Design

White Paper Design
Spanish Language White Paper
White Paper Design
Spanish Language Brochure Design
Brochure Design
Conference Sign Design
Book Cover Design
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Kim Harding Design has been the sole graphic designer and website developer for Quality Safety Edge for over five years. Kim has a unique ability to take the general ideas or concepts we are trying to communicate and turn them into end products that far exceed our expectations. From web design, to brochures, graphics, electronic advertising, and more, her work is always of the highest quality. Due to this commitment to exceeding her clients' needs, we highly recommend Kim Harding Design.